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Healthy @ Work!

Healthy@Work is a consortium of health professionals and organization development professionals, all of whom have independent practices, as well as an association with
Healthy @ Work
. All of our associates share a fundamental set of principles and values which guide as we help our clients to achieve a higher state of wellness in the work place and at home.
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Breast Cancer

"Food as Medicine workshop now available in elearning format".

Now this popular workshop is available on-line. Food as Medicine: How to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease With Nutrition has been presented to thousands of employees from coast to coast. Employees have used the information in this program to prevent and even reverse nearly every imaginable chronic condition. Using the nutritional foundation laid down by this course, in conjunction with guidance from their health practitioner, employees have been able to avoid surgery, stop their medication and save their employers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The course includes four half hour modules with several self-assessment tools, quizzes, change plans and resource references. The cost is small. The benefits are enormous.


The Breast Cancer Symposium
was a great success!

To order the comprehensive symposium research paper

We believe that employees can only perform at their optimum level if they are as healthy as they can be and that employer's have an inherent responsibility to assist employees in the pursuit of wellness.

Our mission is to provide employers and employees with the most advanced and effective health improvement programs possible in a way which optimizes health and financial benefits.


U.S. Senate Hearing
Changing Medicine - Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Mark Hyman


Florida House Meeting
Nutrition Impact on Budget - Dr. Charles Bens


Florida House Workshop
Children's Nutrition - Dr. Charles Bens

To ensure the effective transfer of knowledge and skills necessary to sustain the wellness programs initiated and to ensure the organizations culture and systems are fully aligned in support of the wellness effort.

*All Information contained on this website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your Medical Care Provider.

  Healthy at Work
  Charles K Bens Ph.D

  Over 70% of all health care   costs are avoidable.

Healthy At Work: Your Pocket Guide to Good Health
Is your company doing enough to educate your employees so they can keep health costs down? This little book saves employers a minimum of $3.00 for every $1.00 of cost through reduced absenteeism and reduced use of health services.

  The Healthy Smoker

  Charles K Bens Ph.D
  How to quit smoking by   becoming healthier first.

It changed my life!
This book has changed my life. I only wish I would have felt like this 10 years ago. Follow Dr. Bens' advice, quit red meat and sugars. You will feel the results in days. I feel a renewed energy level and drive. Thanks Dr. Bens.
G.H. Suehring, Wholesale Greenhouse Owner

"This is by far the best workshop I have ever attended.
It was presented in layman's terms where we could follow and understand the instructor. Dr. Bens was excellent. I went to hear Dr. Andrew Weil once, he was good, but at times he lost me. I could follow this instructor throughout his presentation. He was not stingy with his knowledge, very happy to share his knowledge.
Thank you.
Participant in Nutrition Workshop"

"My expectations for the workshop
( nutrition and weight loss ) were so far exceeded that I found myself reclassifying the event. Dr. Bens is one of those rare presenters who combines as easy, unassuming style with a depth of knowledge and practical information delivered with an inspiring effect. The post workshops evaluations were unanimous in giving the workshop and the presenter the highest possible ratings.(Perfect scores of 5.0 by 30 people).
Rick Blair, V.P. Learning and Development, Citigroup"

"I just wanted to thank you for speaking to my company. (Nutrition workshop). Afterwards I felt like I had gained five years of knowledge in two hours. You really had a profound influence of everyone. As a listener I didn't feel pressured, I just felt like "This is what I have to do". Marc Wolff, Senior V.P. Moors and Cabot Financial Advisors"

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