Category: Functional Medicine

May 07

How To Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease

How to Prevent and Reverse Chronic Disease   Overview   There are six specific reasons why chronic disease develops in our bodies.  They are as follows:   Nutrition – Deficiencies in key nutrients can create biochemical imbalances that often lead to cells becoming diseased.   Exercise – The lack of sufficient exercise can allow toxins …

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May 05

Natural Cancer Prevention / Treatment Research Findings

1. Hydrazine Sulfate – Doctors Whitaker, Gold and Qiullin all strongly recommend Hydrazine Sulfate because it inhibits the excessive gluconeogenises that occurs in cancer patients. Hydrazine exhibits the enzyme phosphoenal pyravate carboxkinase and slows or reverses cachexin in advanced cancer patients. It is available from Life Support 209-529-4697; Life Energy 604-856-0171, Nutrilogics 800-618-1881 and Biotech …

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