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  1. People with good health habits who are in a low risk category had average health claims of $190 per year versus $1550 for those in the high risk category. (Preventative Medicine 1994)

  2. The City of Birmingham instituted a wellness program and averaged increases in cost of 1.4% per year over a five year period while other members of the same HMO averaged about 12.5% per year increases. (1985-1990)

  3. Steelcase found that employees with high-risk lifestyles spend 75% more on medical care than do their low-risk co-workers. Their wellness program kept low-risk employees in that category and moved a high number of high-risk employees to the low-risk group saving $20 million over a ten year period. (1985-1995 period)

  4. The prevention measures of Stratus Computers reduced the need for costly medications used in lowering high blood pressure and lipid levels. The savings for this one aspect of their wellness program exceeded $50,000 per year. Over 76% of participating employees experienced significant improvements such as 19% reduction in cholesterol levels, blood pressure reduced 10 points and dietary fat reduced 30%.

  5. Home Depot instituted a healthy newborn program and saved over $1.2 million in reduced premature birth costs. The prenatal program achieved a 77% reduction in claims related to premature births that cost $75,000 or more per claim. The premature birth rate was 4.1% compared to the national average of 10.8%.

  6. L.L. Bean has a wellness program that includes classes in stress management, nutrition, self-defense, skier conditioning, massage and yoga. Over a four-year period, the company experienced a 70% reduction in lost-time claims for back injuries alone.

  7. Smith Kline Beecham Corp. instituted a breast Cancer and prevention program that cost $53,000. Projected savings based on the number of at-risk women identified is estimated at $450,000 or about 8.5 to 1 cost-benefit ratio.

  8. Meridian Stress Assessment Saves Fitness Company $200,000.
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