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Healthy @ Work is a consortium of health professionals and organization development professionals, all of whom have independent practices, as well as an association with Healthy @ Work . All of our associates share a fundamental set of principles and values which guide as we help our clients to achieve a higher state of wellness in the work place and at home.

  1. We believe that employees can only perform at their optimum level if they are as healthy as they can be and that employer's have an inherent responsibility to assist employees in the pursuit of wellness.

  2. We believe that good health is best achieved through the prevention of disease accomplished through a combination of exercise, sound nutrition, stress avoidance and supplementation to compensate for the presence of toxins in our lives and the inadequate nutritional quality of our food.

  3. We believe that medical problems, when they do occur, should be addressed with the least invasive strategies first, including so called "complimentary" or "alternative" care approaches, under the watchful eye of a holistic physician capable of integrating all allopathic and non-allopathic medical disciplines.

  4. We believe every individual should assume a high level of responsibility for his or her own health and be committed to a lifetime of learning about how to stay healthy and optimize their contribution to their family, their workplace and their community.

  5. We believe that employers have a responsibility to every employee to ensure that the workplace is safe from toxic substances, work situations that could lead to health problems or injury and work closely with employees to identify and eliminate any such negative conditions.

  6. We believe that our job is to help employers and employees find the appropriate wellness program to fit their culture and available resources and assist them to achieve the desired state of wellness in the most timely and cost-effective way possible.

  7. We believe it is our job to ensure every organization we assist gains the knowledge and capacity to sustain and improve their wellness program through the skills and abilities we have transferred to them.
  8. We believe it is our job to work very closely and cooperatively with an organizations existing team of health providers so that all of our efforts compliment one another for the benefit of the organization we all serve.

  9. We believe it is vital to never misuse or inappropriately share any health information that should be kept confidential for any reason. We will endeavor to identify all necessary information security needs and honor them at all times during our consultant/client relationship.

  10. Our goal is to improve the overall wellness of every employee who chooses to interact with us, but we also will strive to produce a financial benefit for every employee and employer in terms of reduced absenteeism, streamlined work processes, healthy work processes, reduced health care costs and improved productivity. It is also our belief that the benefits of these cost reduction and profit improvement efforts should be shared fairly and equitably by all concerned.

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