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Results of Minnesota Blue Cross/Blue Shield Nutrition Wellness Program

(John McDougall, M.D., Service Provider)

In 1999, the largest medical insurer in one of America's biggest states commissioned a major study of the McDougall techniques. Thirteen people with serious medical problems followed his food remedies to see what would actually happen. Here are the carefully measured results after just six weeks:

90 HEALTH PROBLEMS SOLVED! 90 different conditions that would have required drugs, doctor visits, and/or hospitalization were resolved without either. An average of 6.9 solutions per person.

WEIGHT WAY DOWN! The average person lost 16 pounds. A total of 206 pounds lost.

CHOLESTEROL SLASHED! The average person dropped from 204.3 to 182. A total reduction of 289 points.

31 DRUGS DISCONTINUED! Patients were able to stop taking 31 different kinds of medications (representing over 100 doses of medicine) with the potential for serious side effects.

EACH PERSON SAVED $2,389! Apart from saving their health, the McDougall techniques saved these patients a fortune in dollars. On average, each person (or their medical insurance):
SAVED $1,589.52 per year on prescription drugs.
SAVED $600 per year on medical office visits.
SAVED $200 per year on lab tests.

NOTE: Over the entire year the results of these test participants indicated a reduction of health care expenditures of 66% compared to the previous year. None participants increased their expenditures by about 20%. If these results were similar in the entire workforce it is estimated that a net reduction in health care expenditures of 48% would have been realized just through changes in diet in accordance with Dr. McDougall's guidelines.

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