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Look at the exciting range of topics covered in our exclusive workshops!
The key is not only what is covered but also how the topic is discussed. Using extremely effective adult education techniques our very qualified health professionals can greatly increase the likelihood that workshop participants will actually change the behavior and lifestyle choices that need changing.

Nutrition and Weight Loss

Nutritonal Guidelines for a Long and Healthy Life - This workshop illustrates what is required to maintain a healty and substantial life. Because there are many different walks of life, the issues discussed will be broad, yet specified for a healthy and long life. The topics include:

  • Free Radical Theory of Aging
  • The Cell
  • Nutrition and Eating
  • Metabolism
  • Digestion
  • Supplementation
  • Brain Chemistry
  • Disease Prevention and Reversal

Generally these topics are very scientific, but with the correct application, a nutritional, long and healthy life will be ahead of you after attending this workshop.
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Weight loss the right way

Weight loss is one of the most troubling health experiences in America as an increasingly overweight populace continues to fail in their efforts to lose weight and keep it off. A nation conditioned to the quick fix, people continue to try pills, creams, fad diets and new exercise equipment that promise quick and effective weight loss. The truth is there is no quick, easy and also safe way to lose excess weight. Eating smarter, eating less and exercising more continues to be the only successful way to lose weight, as participants will learn as they discuss these important topics.
· Genetic tendencies to gain weight and how to turn off those genes
· How the body gains weight; the physiology of fat weight gain
· Lifestyle and societal pressures and how to avoid them
· What's most important pounds, inches or body fat?
· The food pyramid. How good is it anyway?
· Analyzing current eating habits
· Designing a realistic eating plan and sticking to it
· The importance of exercise, especially weight training
· What's wrong with all of those quick and easy weight loss programs?
· Other important factors like water, supplements, meal size, meal frequency, etc.

Most of the information covered in this workshop is readily available to most people but perhaps not in such an organized way. Sorting out myth from reality, getting helpful tips and learning how to change your lifestyle are very important for any person who is serious about losing weight the right way.
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Managing stress creatively and effectively

Everyone has some level of stress in their lives and as a contributor to other health problems, stress has no equal. Participants will learn about the many stress management tools and techniques which have been successfully utilized over the past 20 years. They will also learn about strategies they can employ everyday to help avoid stress as well as cope with it when it raises its ugly head at home or in the workplace. Topics will include:
· Where does stress come from and why don't we always recognize it?
· What can we do to avoid stress? (at home and at work)
· What are the signs and symptoms of stress?
· Nutritional influences on stress
· Exercise and fitness influences on stress
· Conventional stress management techniques and when they work best
· Meditation and yoga as stress reduction alternatives
· Heart Math - The new science of stress management
· The impact of stress on other aspects of our health

This workshop can be beneficial to virtually anyone since we all can do a better job of avoiding and dealing with stress. Early indicators and early effective action is one of the keys to successful stress management. Participants will learn how to determine their risk for future stress, how to avoid or minimize that risk and several effective techniques for dealing with stress in various situations. They will also learn how to build stress reduction strategies and tools into their everyday lifestyles.
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Preventing and treating Diabetes naturally

The incidence of Diabetes and high blood sugar is increasing at alarming rates due primarily to inadequacies in the American diet and lower levels of fitness. When properly addressed in the early stages, these problems can often be addressed without the use of prescription drugs or insulin. Participants will gain a wealth of valuable knowledge at this workshop well beyond what they may traditionally encounter from conventional medical sources. Topics to be covered will include:
· The most common risk factors and how to assess them
· How the body reacts when it is not fed or exercised properly
· Keys to healthy eating including the glycemic index, portion size and the impact of proteins and carbohydrates
· The benefits of aerobic and weight bearing exercise on weight loss and insulin sensitivity
· The importance of stress management
· The importance of smoking cessation
· The value of various supplements including Ayurveda and Chinese herbal remedies
· The proper use of prescription medications
· The management of Syndrome X

This highly interactive session will instill new confidence in participants who wish to avoid a genetic tendency toward diabetes, those in the early stages of diabetes and those who are long term diabetics. Handouts and additional sources of information will be provided allowing each person to better prepare a detailed treatment and maintenance program with cooperation with their physician.
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How to Treat High Cholesterol Naturally

High cholesterol continues to be one of the most serious health problems in America. This workshop will feature the most successful strategies used by health professionals and individuals to lower blood cholesterol without the use of prescription drugs. Some of the topics to be covered include:
· Diets that really help
· Everybody's a little different
· Defusing the stress factor
· The impact of heredity

· The importance of aerobic exercise
· The importance of weight training
· Vitamins can make a difference
· Herbs with a great track record

This workshop will help participants to fine tune their cholesterol lowering strategies in order to achieve sustainable results. Avoiding costly and harmful prescription drugs should be the goal of every person trying to keep their cholesterol under control and thus avoid a more serious heart or liver problem in the future.
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State of Mind

The brain is a very complex organ with special needs and is the control center for all of the body's functions and systems. The care and feeding of the brain should be a high priority for everyone because without clear thinking and stable moods, we cannot carry on life's often challenging requirements. This workshop explores the state of mind as it should be and the many changing conditions that can occur, including headaches, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, dementia and Alzheimer's. There will be many safe and natural strategies presented for maintaining a healthy and stable state of mind.

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Developing a personal fitness program

Why is there so much fitness equipment permanently stored under beds and in closets? Why do so few people really follow through on their fitness goals? And, more importantly, what can people do to overcome their personal barriers to fitness in order to get the results they want for appearance and the need to avoid health problems in the future? Another piece of equipment is not the answer, as participants will learn in this highly interactive and revealing workshop. The key to success is consistency and getting results. Some of the key elements to be covered include:
· Making strong, clear and realistic fitness goals
· Determining your true fitness level
· Knowing all the benefits of exercise
· Examining the barriers to fitness
· Creating motivation that is sustainable
· Doing exercise correctly gets real results sooner
· Staying focused with help from key people

Fitness is a physical activity, which relies heavily on psychological strength and support. Participants will have a much better understanding about why personal commitment is so difficult as well as many very useful tools and techniques for making fitness a permanent part of their new healthier lifestyle.
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Gastrointestinal Problems

The ever changing American diet and the challenges of everyday life can put tremendous stress on our bodies gastrointestinal system. Add to this the genetic deficiencies some people inherit and the impact of toxins, including many medicines and it is easy to understand why gastrointestinal problems are growing at such a dramatic rate in our population. This course will explore the gastrointestinal challenges faced by many people and present a number of natural strategies for improving gastrointestinal health.
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Increasing your wellness IQ

This workshop challenges participants to examine their understanding about wellness and self-care issues. The explosion of health related information, services and products has created a confusing mine field of often conflicting and contradictory opinions about how to improve our health. This workshop will feature user friendly self assessment tools for exploring topics such as:
· Family health history
· Workplace pressures
· Non-workplace pressures
· Sources of wellness information

· Western medicine challenges
· Alternative medicine opportunities
· Separating myth from reality
· Strategies for personal change

Participants will be able to develop a clearer picture of their future health prospects as well as the best opportunities to use self-care, in conjunction with professional guidance, to produce the best possible personal wellness strategy.
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Preventing workplace injuries

Almost all workplace injuries are preventable and require only some simple changes by employers and employees in order to realize significant improvement in the reduction of those injuries. Participants will learn some of the basic steps to avoiding workplace injuries including:
· How to properly assess a job site for potential injury possibilities
· Understanding how the body functions and how injuries occur
· Job site exercises and stretching that really work
· Identifying bad workplace habits and retraining techniques
· The importance of fitness for avoiding workplace injuries
· The importance of nutrition in avoiding workplace injuries
· Coping with stress as a means of avoiding workplace injuries

This workshop will be an excellent supplement to existing workplace safety programs and add many valuable elements, which are not usually covered in such programs. Topics like nutrition, supplements, yoga and meditation will be covered briefly to provide participants with some of the latest research on how these wellness tools can greatly influence the level of workplace injuries which occur.
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Have a healthy pregnancy

Prenatal education is readily available at many hospitals and other health centers but there is always something new to be learned by expectant mothers or even women contemplating becoming pregnant. Participants will discuss a variety of very relevant and interesting topics during this session.
· Possible health improvements prior to a pregnancy
· The signs and symptoms of pregnancy
· Arranging for the proper prenatal care
· What to expect in the first, second and third trimester
· Precautions and warning signs to watch for
· The role of nutrition including supplementation
· Lifestyle considerations (things to stop during pregnancy)
· The importance of exercise
· Stress reduction techniques that really work
· Preparation for labor and birth
· Preparation for the baby and parenting

Many topics will be covered in this informative and interactive session. While some topics may not be covered in depth there will be several handouts and additional information sources provided to help participants get as much information as they need about this very important topic.
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Complimentary Medicine

What is it and why everyone should know about it? - Medicine, as it has primarily been practiced over the past 70 years, is changing dramatically as non-surgical and non-drug related therapies from around the world are gaining in popularity. The general public and many health practitioners are moving towards the incorporation of alternative and complimentary health strategies into the conventional western medical model. Participants will be able to determine which alternative or complementary health approaches may be suitable for them as prevention or treatment options. The following topics will be covered:
· The evolution of the Western Medical Model
· Complimentary practices from around the world including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda (from India), meditation, yoga, acupuncture and homeopathy
· Complimentary practices from America including Chiropractic, chelation therapy (originally from Germany), vitamin therapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, massage therapy and biofeedback
· Changing patterns of public use of alternative medicine
· Changing patterns of insurance coverage of alternative medicine
· The best sources for information on alternative medicine including books, magazines and web sites

Health care in America is increasingly moving towards a self-care model with doctors starting to assume a new role as facilitators or coordinators of the various health and wellness practices preferred by their clients. This wellness-based approach is the best hope for reducing the high cost of health care and bringing the population back to a decent state of health. This workshop will empower employees to take important and intelligent steps toward this new self-care model.
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Supplementation: More important than you think

Most people are still under the false impression that they can get all the nutrients they need from the food they eat. Only 1% of the population actually accomplishes this nearly impossible feat. The other 99% of us are deficient in at least one and usually more than one important nutrients according to the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. This workshop will clearly identify the reasons why getting all of our nutrients from food is so difficult, what the consequences are of not supplementing our diets and how to select and take supplements intelligently. Many people are taking supplements incorrectly and not getting the benefits they should. This workshop will include the following important topics:
· The actual nutrients in our food and why they're declining
· The impact of poor nutrition contributing to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, etc.
· Nutrients that are extremely difficult to get from our food such as zinc, selenium, chromium, L-Carnitene, folic acid, vitamin E, etc.
· Lifestyle factors which impact our nutritional levels such as stress, pollution, substance abuse and exercise
· The supplements to take for general good health as well as those to build an immune system or help remedy an illness
· What are the early warning signs of vitamin, mineral or enzyme deficiencies?
· How to buy the best supplements at the best price
· How to take supplements for optimal benefit
· What are possible dangers and contradictions for various supplements?

This workshop will help participants to sort through the misinformation that is prevalent today about nutrition and the use of supplements. By assessing their personal nutrient intake they will be able to adjust their eating habits as well as add the necessary supplements to achieve optimal health.
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Developing a personal nutrition program

This workshop will cut through all of the contradictory and confusing information about what constitutes a truly healthy diet. Misinformation presented in the pursuit of profit has caused a majority of the public to have some very wrong ideas about how the body works and what kind of foods are needed to stay healthy. The following topics will be featured to help participants to sort out myth from reality.
· Determining your personal state of health
· Understanding the signals the body sends as early warning to nutritional deficiencies
· The connection between nutrition and a healthy immune system
· Is the food pyramid really a valid guide for nutrition?
· The best foods and the worst foods for your health
· The impressive list of benefits from truly good nutrition
· Assessing your actual nutritional intake
· The dangers of certain "diets", weight loss schemes, additives and other threats to our food sources
· Making a personal eating plan that makes sense

This workshop will be a major eye opener for every participant, as the seriousness of sound nutritional strategies is better understood. Logical tips on how to totally redesign or just fine tune existing eating habits will be shared and provide a higher level of confidence regarding future nutritional choices.
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Using Prescription Drugs Wisely

The key term for anyone using or thinking about using a prescription drug is "user beware". This workshop will arm each participant with general information and resources they need to guard against the use of a prescription drug which may be potentially harmful. Some of the topics to be covered include:
· Flaws in the FDA approval process
· Statistics on the dangers of Rx drugs
· Mis-prescribing is a danger
· Over-prescribing is a danger
· Special concerns for the elderly
· Avoiding the marketing come-ons

· The best drugs available
· The worst drugs available
· Some natural alternatives
· The best sources for info on contraindications
· What questions to ask

This workshop will help participants take control of their medicinal strategy with confidence and allow them to become true partners with their medical practitioners. Reducing our current over-reliance on prescription drugs and using them carefully, when needed, are sound health goals this workshop helps to achieve.
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How to Treat Asthma as Naturally as Possible

This workshop will help anyone with asthma to learn about the latest and most effective strategies for coping with this chronic illness. The wide range of natural and man made irritants to asthma sufferers makes treatment and control of this disease very difficult. The following topics will be covered in order to help participants learn more about how to assess their unique risks, avoid potential irritants, strengthen their bodies' resistance capabilities and use medications judiciously.

· Why asthma is often misdiagnosed
· The best possible testing techniques
· Natural and man made irritants
· Dietary changes that really help
· The best supplements and herbs to use
· Lifestyle changes that help
· Drugs that help and drugs that hurt
· Special cautions at home and at work
· Medical products you should consider

Most asthma sufferers are already doing a lot to address their condition, but this workshop will probably give even the most vigilant asthmatic several tips worthy of consideration.
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Journal Writing

Journal Writing - This workshop introduces participants to the valuable health tool known as journal writing. As an aid in building a stronger immune system, helping resolve chronic or acute illness or just staying healthy journal writing has proven its success. The topics covered will include:

· The ten principles of journal writing
· The techniques of journal writing
· The focus or style of journal writing that is best for you
· The barriers or difficulties of journal writing and how to overcome them
· Guidelines for getting started and sustaining your journal writing efforts
· Resources to help in your journal writing efforts

Journal writing can be used by anyone for a wide range of health improvement initiatives and this workshop will provide the incentive and tools for anyone to get started and get results in conjunction with other health improvement strategies.
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 State of Mind
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