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What our Clients Have To Say!

"This is by far the best workshop I have ever attended.
It was presented in layman's terms where we could follow and understand the instructor. Dr. Bens was excellent. I went to hear Dr. Andrew Weil once, he was good, but at times he lost me. I could follow this instructor throughout his presentation. He was not stingy with his knowledge, very happy to share his knowledge.
Thank you.
Participant in Nutrition Workshop"

"My expectations for the workshop
( nutrition and weight loss ) were so far exceeded that I found myself reclassifying the event. Dr. Bens is one of those rare presenters who combines as easy, unassuming style with a depth of knowledge and practical information delivered with an inspiring effect. The post workshops evaluations were unanimous in giving the workshop and the presenter the highest possible ratings.(Perfect scores of 5.0 by 30 people).
Rick Blair, V.P. Learning and Development, Citigroup"

"I just wanted to thank you for speaking to my company. (Nutrition workshop). Afterwards I felt like I had gained five years of knowledge in two hours. You really had a profound influence of everyone. As a listener I didn't feel pressured, I just felt like "This is what I have to do". Marc Wolff, Senior V.P. Moors and Cabot Financial Advisors"



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