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The Suncoast Wellness Card will provide hundreds of dollars in direct value to employees as well as many thousands of dollars in benefits for employers in reduced absenteeism, reduced drug cost, reduced hospital costs and improved
employee performance. Everybody wins with the Suncoast Wellness Card!

What is the advantage for the service or product provider?
Product turnover will increase and service providers will have a fuller client schedule. This will allow for your business to grow without as much time or expense spent on advertising.

Is there very much paperwork involved?
No. We would like providers to keep track of volume, but there will be no forms or regular paperwork as with insurance coverage.

Will providers have competition for the services or products they provide?
Competition will be kept to a minimum by having a limited number of providers in each category. New providers will only be added if employees are experiencing difficulty accessing the service or product they desire.

What are the kinds of products and services to be provided with this card?
The range of services and products is truly impressive: Click here for an overview of our products and services.


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