Home Wellness Model Workshops  

Assessment of Need

Corporate cost, Moral, productivity indicators


Best Practice Research

Best practice ideas gathered and shared.


Organization Assessment

Assess wellness efforts and corporate culture.


Buy-in Strategy and Delivery

Sell individual and corporate needs.


Employee Screening

Accurate assessment of current health.


Cost-Benefit Projections

Return on investment for employee/employer.


Program Selection & Design

Select best programs to start.


Program Delivery

Select best service delivery provider.


Program Assessment

Accurately measure desired improvements.


Long-term Program Design

Develop sustainable wellness program


There are a number of established steps in the process of gaining and retaining corporate wellness. This quest to produce the healthiest and safest possible workplace for all employees has been underway for several years.

Many companies have led the way and the level of sophistication and potential benefits from these efforts increases everyday.

The basic steps at the left have been identified as the normal journey an organization can take as they go from initial awareness of need to the implementation and continuance of a long-term wellness strategy.

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