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  1. Experience - Our associates have an average of twenty (20) years experience in such disciplines as organization excellence, holistic health, exercise programs, counseling and training.

  2. Organization Development - Wellness programs work best in a conductive work culture and our associates have helped to transform hundreds of organizations to become more open and empowered places.

  3. Nutritional Healing - Our company is at the leading edge of national nutritional prevention and healing programs, which are proving to be the most cost-effective and sustainable health care initiatives possible.

  4. Buy-In Technique - We have created some of the most creative and effective buy-in techniques ever developed for the wellness movement. Getting optimum employee participation is one of the most crucial elements necessary to ensure the success of a wellness program.

  5. Bottomline Consideration - Wellness has a direct connection to every organization's bottomline and we have developed methods for identifying and measuring each and every one of these factors. (i.e. Employee selection criteria, morale, productivity, attendance, health care costs, employee retention, incentive programs, etc.)

  6. Partnership Relations - Wellness requires the full cooperation of many important players inside and outside of the organization. Our collaboration (win-win) model ensures that everyone is on board with a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities.)

  7. Wellness Programs - We have adopted the best practice wellness programs which have had great success over the past 15 years and created new programs to suit the needs of unique individual and workplace situations. (i.e. Replacing drugs with natural remedies, stress avoidance through group counseling, ergonomic analysis with chiropractor prevention techniques, shopping support with specific illness avoidance nutritional guidelines.)

  8. Best Practices and Future Trends - Staying ahead is one of our goals so we are constantly monitoring best practices as well as creating teams to find the next best practices. These best practices are in the areas of wellness and organization development.

  9. Incentive Program - Because we are able to accurately measure the costs and benefits of wellness programs we can help organizations develop the appropriate incentives. These incentives fit the organization's culture and help sustain interest and participation by employees.

  10. Accountability - Our work in peer evaluation and upward feedback allow us to help organizations build the total support needed at all levels to minimize resistance and maximize success.

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